Water-wise gardening refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce the
need and usage of water.
Water-Wise Gardening, what is it?
Here are some helpful suggestions:
#1    One of the biggest consumers of water is the lawn and by replacing it or part of it
with more water-wise solutions will not only save you money but require less maintenance.
The use of ground covers instead on lawn is a great replacement. Removing the parkway
lawn strip and planting drought tolerant ground covers or plants interspersed with
stepping stones is also a water-wise move.
#2    Adding organic mulch such as compost, chopped up leaves, straw, or grass clippings
will also maintain moisture in your soil and drip irrigation provides water without the
evaporation that occurs with standard sprinklers.
3#     Rainwater is free and collected from downspouts from your roof into a rain barrel or
cistern to be used at a later time for watering. One inch of rain from a 1,000 square foot
roof will yield 625 gallons of water.
4#     Use California native plants which thrive naturally here or use drought tolerant plants.
5#     Stonework which includes stepping stones, dry riverbeds, and outdoor living areas
will also cut back on water needs.
#6     And by planting plants that attract butterflies and birds and other local wildlife you will
be encouraging the native habitat.
The gardens on our garden tour will encompass at least one or more of these
water-wise solutions.
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