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Nature is part of our lives and the color green and the earthtone colors that nature produces are calming to our minds and souls.

Gardening and being outside to enjoy nature has a relaxing effect on us, adults and chidlren alike. It relieves stress and allows us to recharge.

But not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their own garden to plant, decorate and work in, and that is why we have opportunities for everyone to participate with the South Bay Water-Wise Garden Tour, whether you own a garden or not.

This year's Water-Wise Garden Tour is scheduled for:

Sunday, October 13, 2024 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

and we have opportunities for everyone to join our team and participate in a day of fun and education related to Southern California Nature and Drought Tolerant Water-Wise gardening.

We hope to see you at our upcoming Garden Tour, either as a Garden Host, a Volunteer, or a Visitor to see the beautiful gardens we have lined up for you to see.

picture of a garden

Volunteer to help organize the Tour

You do not need to have a garden to participate with us because wer are looking for volunteers that have an interest helping the garden hosts to present their gardens to the visitors during the Garden Tour.

Being a volunteer will allow you to spend 4 hours at one of our individual gardens and you will have the opportunity to talk to the host about their garden and gardening experiences and help relay that information to the visitors.

You have the opportunity to interact with the visitors and engage in interesting conversations about their gardens as well.

If you want to find out more about how to become a Volunteer on our next Garden Tour, then please follow the link below:

 Volunteer With Us 

Host and Show us your Garden

Are you a passionate gardener?

Do you own a garden that you are proud of?

Do you practice Water-Wise gardening techniques in your entire garden or parts of it?

Fact is that water-wide gardening does not necessarily mean rocks and cactus plants everywhere. Not at all!

Water-Wise gardening means that your garden design and plant placement was made in a way that helps conserve water and still allows for a beautiful garden with thriving plants.

If you collect rain water to reduce the use of drinking water for your plants, great! You are participating in Water-Wise gardening!

If you use native plants in your garden design, then you are participating in Water-Wise gardening!

This is the kind of garden our visitors want to see and learn from, even if your garden is not perfect yet. Let's face it, no garden is ever complete and all gardens are ongoing projects in progress.

If you are not sure if your garden would qualify as Water-Wise, then why not contact me (Peggy Kramer, organizer of the South Bay Water-Wise Garden Tour) and let me take a look at your garden to see how well it fits into our program?

We always want to hear from excited gardeners and we are always on the lookout for new gardens to join us, so please consider participating as a Garden Host this year.

Please follow the link below for more information on how to become a Garden Host.

 Host Your Garden