Sue's Historic Garden

See what Sue's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Sue's Garden:

The landscaping for this very manicured, low maintenance and low water-usage landscape was done in 2011 by Centeno Landscaping. In the central area is "dymondia" ground cover Dymondia comes from the Western Cape of South Africa, where the climate is similar to our own. It is drought-tolerant. It thrives in full sun and can tolerate partial shade inland. Bees tend to ignore it until the silvery foliage erupts with dainty, daisy-like flowers in summer.

The Birch Tree in the center is surrounded on the outsides edges of the yard by several Fringe plants, Brown Flax, Lavender, Iris, Roses, Hydrangea and ornamental grasses.

The Camellia Sasangua is an evergreen shrub that is very well drought tolerant.

A sophisticated but subdued front yard that is easy on the eyes, is very low maintenance and is low in water usage.

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