Steve's Historic Garden

See what Steve's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Steve's Garden:

In 2008 this front yard was a sloping lawn which was killed off and rototilled. This 4,000 sq. foot garden is now composed of four interconnected ponds and two waterfalls and a drip irrigation system. About 90% of the garden is native or drought tolerant.

Dragonflies, monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, bullfrogs and mallard ducks frequent this garden which is in the process of being certified as a Wildlife Habitat Garden. Listed below are some of the plants in Steve's landscape:

Plant List:
Erigonum Fasciculatum - California Buckwheat, Heteromeles arbutifolia - Toyon, Artemesia palmeri - San Diego sagewort, Salvia Brandesi - Santa Rosa Island Sage, Salvia clevelandii - Cleveland Sage, Romneya Coulteri - Matilija Poppy, Artemesia california - California sage, Diplacus aurantiacus - Sticky Monkey Flower, Carex tumulicola - Berkely Sedge, Purple Muhlenbergia, Salvia leucophylla - purple sage


Leymus condensatus - Canyon Prince grass, Sambucus mexicana - Mexican elderberry, Dendromecan harfordii - Island Bush poppy, Epilobium canna - California fushia, Grevilla superba, Aloe striata - Coral aloe, Aloe Ferax, Aloe baneseii, Anacapa - wild morning glory vine, Mexican feather bamboo

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