Myra and Barry's Historic Garden

See what Myra and Barry's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Myra and Barry's Garden:

Established in the 2008, the dry river bed and ground cover align with the contemporary lines of this home. The dry river bed, ground cover, and river rock allow the rainwater to percolate into the ground while a variety of sprinklers; (drip and spray) minimize water waste. In addition, shower run-off (water that is wasted when shower water is 'warming up') is utilized for watering pots and water features.

Plant List:
Dymondia, Variety of ornamental fountain grasses (Red, Red Rooster, Pennisetum, Pennstripe, Blue Fescue), Variety of Flax, Horsetail, Giant Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Kangaroo Paw, Mexican Sage, Rosemary, Variety of succulents, Silver Sheen, Flowering Plum, Lion's Tail

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