Michell's Historic Garden

Sew what Michell's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Michell's Garden:

This multifaceted front garden is filled with Australian and California natives. Plants include agave, aloe, salvias, coyote bush, fairy duster, western redbud, and weeping pussy willow, moonlight grevillea, long John grevillea, silky needle bush, banksia, ribes, blue boy eucalyptus, many varieties of ceanothus and bulbs.

Also in the drought tolerant section are vegetables; tomatoes, zucchini and different herbs. When you enter the backyard, you'll notice two large acacias, plantings of Australian and California natives as well as a chicken coop

This garden is certified by the National Wildlife Federation and recognized by the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden as a drought tolerant garden

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