Griselda's Historic Garden

See what Griselda's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Griselda's Garden:

Designed nine years ago by the owner to resemble the beauty of the natural local landscape which would attract people to native plants as well as local insects, lizards, butteries and birds. The mostly native plant landscape welcomes visitors and requires a minimum of maintenance and watering.

Plant List:
Yarrow, Chamise, Manzanita, Coastal and Canyon Sagebrush, Coast Aster, Coyote Brush, Calif. Allspice, Frosty Blue Mountain Blue, Western Rosebud, San Diego Mountain Mahogany, Monterrey Farewell to Spring, Clarkia, Fingertips, Dudleya, Buckwheat, Calif. Poppy, Calif. Fescue, Idaho, Fescue, Island Bush Snapdragon, Toyon, Chanel Island Coral Bells, Mallow, Honeysuckle, Lupine, Needlegrass, Penstemon, Strawberry Tree, Loquat (and more).

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