The Grindle Garden in 2022

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Some great details about the Grindle Garden:

Eight years ago, this enchanted garden was a wedding gift to his wife. The 4200 square feet (front and back) was just grass and dirt. They did all the renovation themselves. The garden was inspired by The Cambria Pines Lodge garden in Cambria and is a mixture of native and drought tolerant plants, planters and garden art. There is also a vegetable and fruit garden. They have attracted Alligator Lizards, Finches, Hummingbirds, Bees, Butterflies and more.

Plants include:
Lantana, Asparagus Fern, Cousin Itt, Cigar Bush, California Buckwheat, Caladrinia, Slavia, Rosemary, Lavender, Kangaroo Bush, succulents and more.

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