The Garcia Garden

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Some great details about the Garcia's Garden:

The garden was created back in 2004.
The front yard consists of climate appropriate plants which include: Cycads, Guara, anemone, scheflera, protea.
A variety of pondless waterfalls grace the front yard. These save water by not allowing an open space of water to evaporate.
Water is drawn from an underground cistern.

Backyard plants:
Cycads,aeoniums, Euphorbia, phoenix palms, buddleia, pittosporum, Bamboo multiplex, encephalartos, kalanchoes

The backyard has a Koi pond, and waterfalls and also houses a 4000 gallon rainwater harvesting system which catches rainwater and saves it for future irrigation use. This landscaper's latest passion would be his commercial and self-built aeroponics gardens. Mike also gives talks on vertical gardening and growing vegetables with recycled water. Check out the "floating" vegetable garden in the Koi pond.

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