The Gamino's Historic Garden

See what the Gamino Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about the Gamino Garden:

This sustainable landscape was installed in March of 2010 and was featured on A & E television - Fix That Yard. Colorful native plants and succulents were used throughout. Drip irrigation was used in planters and also underground for the lawn. A low energy use pondless waterfall adds drama

A bio swale and rain diversion pebbles allow rainwater to recharge the water table. A Flexi-pave porous driveway was installed. Flexi-Pave is made from bald tires which creates zero runoff and keeps tires out of landfills. Color, drama, water savings and sustainability are all found in the front yard of this landscape treasure!

Plant List:
1. Euphorbia Wulfenii Variegata
2. Dymonia Ground cover in between stepping stones.
3. Carex Pansa grass in the parkway
4. Aeonium 'Sunburst'
5. Rhamnus Alaternus "John Edwards" for east hedge.
6. Aloe Striata
7. Arbutus Marina
8. Magnolia Grandiflora dwarf
9. Variegated succulents

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