Dean and Cindy's Historic Garden

See what Dean and Cindy's Garden looked like in the past:

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Some great details about Dean and Cindy's Garden:

If you build it, they will come.

Established in 2003 as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat, this garden uses 2/3 less water than the average home and also allows rainwater to percolate into the water table. This landscape attracts an abundance of nature: robins, blue scrub jays, finches, wild parrots, hawks, dragonflies,butterflies and more. Mixed with antiques and a water barrel pond, this a wonderful escape.

Plant List:
Statice, Nandinas, Fortnight Lilies, Sweet William, Gazanias, Succulents, Creeping Thyme, Dymondia, Erodium, Herniaria, Sage, Plumbago, Milkweed, Geraniums, Lantana, Lavendar, Horsetail, Honeysuckle, Mother-in-laws tongue, Western Redbud, Morning Glory, Monkey Flower, Blue Fescue, Heuchera

Tree List:
Purple Hopbush, Liquidamber, Camphor, Bottlebrush, Podocarpus, Eucalptus

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