Cindy's Garden

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Some great details about Cindy's Garden:

A natural habitat garden. It's a haven for birds, butterflies, lizards and more. The front yard is framed by a small wall made of re-purposed broken concrete and has a patio of permeable DG (decomposed granite). There is a very popular hanging birdbath and Bluebird nesting box. They had two broods this year (2020) - a total of eight new baby Bluebirds.

Plant List:
Native CA plants: Bush Sunflower, Island Bush Poppy, Catalina Snapdragon, Gooseberry, Coyote Brush, Yarrow, Douglas Iris, Indian Mallow, Toyon, Buckwheat, Baja Fairy Duster, Monkey Flower, CA Poppy and a variety of sages.

Non-natives: Rockrose, Spanish Lavender, Lantana, Duranta, Knife Blade Acacia, Kangaroo Paw, Mexican Sage, Roses and annual flowers

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