The Wistar and Bertie's Garden
California native plants and drought tolerant plants keep water usage to a bare minimum.
Here is their plant list:
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After taking an Ocean Friendly Garden class, Wistar and Bertie
conquered their annual rain runoff problem with their garden design -
water from the south roof disappeared into the ground, and water from
the north roof filled three 45-gallon containers.  A permeable pathway
and berm keep the rain water from pouring into the street and their
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  • Festuca glauca
  • Dymondia
  • Juncus patens "Will Flemming"
  • Anigozanthos "Soft Red"
  • Salvia greegi "Red"
  • Correra "Ivory Bells"
  • Grevillea "Coastal Gem"
  • Sedum "Blue Spruce"
  • Helictotrichon sempervirens
  • Salvia "Mystic Spires"
  • Deer grass
  • Chalk dudlya
  • Phormium "Maori Maiden"
  • Agave Americana "Mediopicta Alba"
  • Kalanchoe luciae
  • Dianella "Cassa Blue"
  • Armeria "Red Ballerina"
  • Carex flagilleria "Toffee Twist"
  • Salvia "Alan Chicoring"
  • Lavendula "Goodwin Creek Gray"
  • Agave attenuate
  • Dichorondra "Silver Falls
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