Passersby can often be seen reading the plant markers which were thoughtfully placed
to educate and encourage the public – only weeding, mulch and some pruning required
– no watering!  This natural landscape attracts butterflies, ladybugs, hummingbirds and
squirrels.  Stop by and catch the sweet, woodsy scent wafting in the wind.
In 2009 this lovely low-maintenance Calif. native garden was
established. This garden’s very “natural” look is accomplished by not
only using Calif. native plants and wild flower annuals but by including
logs, stones and rocks in the landscaping.  
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Marilyn and Jeannie's Garden
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Ashyleaf Buckwheat, Cape Mendocino Reedgrass, Beach Evening Primrose, Catalina
Perfume Evergreen Currant, Bee’s Bliss, Clarkia, Bladderpod, Cleveland Sage, Bight
Green Didleya, Coastal Buckwheat, Ca. Buckwheat, Creeping Rosemary, Ca. Bush
Sunflower, Deer Grass, Ca. Fuchsia, Canyon Melody Coral Bells, Ca. Lilac,
Hummingbird Sage, Ca. Poppy, Island Bush Snapdragon, Canyon Prince Wild Rye,
Lions Tail, Pink Melaleuca, Purple Sage, Red Buckwheat, Red Fairy Duster, Red
Monkeyflower, San Dieg Dage, Milkweed, Toyon, Western Redbud
Plant List:
preview pictures of the garden:
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