Madrona Marsh Preserve is one of the last remaining vernal marshes
in Southern California. A slice of wilderness smack dab in the middle of
a city.
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Madrona Marsh
Situated on land that was set aside for oil production in 1924, Madrona Marsh was never
developed—unlike the surrounding city—and remains a valuable natural habitat for birds,
reptiles, insects and even small mammals.
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Ongoing efforts are restoring native plants including wildflowers and butterfly species. The
area has long been popular with bird watchers and The Audubon Society has used
Madrona Marsh for their annual bird census since 1967. El Camino College uses it as an
outdoor biology and botany lab
At the Nature Center take a docent lead tour of the botanical garden and check out the
native plants that grow there.  Get up-close-and-personal with the plants that you could
have in your yard - and reduce your need for outdoor watering.

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