Here is a partial list of plantings:

Trees: Sequoia, Liquid Elm, Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Maple
Vines: Red trumpet vine, Passion flower, Carolina jasmine, Boston ivy, Creeping fig
Water Plants: Water lilies, Water Iris, Watercress
Shrubs: Carolina cherry, Texas privet, Ceanothus, Pittosporum, Manzanita, Rosemary,
Miniature fuchsia
Plants: Cranesbill, Iris, Salvias, Milkweed, Nasturtium, Tigridia, Stag-horn Fern, Tillandsia,
Anise, Thyme, Tarragon
This garden with its structured wildness is extremely low maintenance
and uses little water. The plant selection was based on attracting,
feeding, and sheltering birds, wildlife, butterflies and insects and is
designated a Wildlife Habitat.  The pond has a low energy filter system.
No pesticides are used and only natural fertilizers and compost are
used which have turned the hard clay to rich soil.
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