Volunteers - Frequently Asked Questions:

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Most Commonly Asked Volunteer Questions:

  1. Q: What does a Garden Tour Volunteer do?

    A: Garden Tour Volunteers are assigned to individual gardens to assist the Garden Owner (host) to welcome the Garden Tour Visitors. The volunteers should be helpful and answer questions by the visitors so that the host isn't overwhelmed if there is a rush of visitors. Volunteers should observe the guests and help protect the gardens from overly eager guests or children who may wish to pick flowers or accidentally trample plants. Volunteers can help answer some questions about the garden based on the information the garden owner and host will provide to them.

  2. Q: How long will my volunteer assignment be?

    A: We need you for a minimum of a 4 hour shift.

  3. Q: What else is expected of me to be a volunteer?

    A: You need to be dependable and understand that we, the Garden Tour Organizer and the Garden Host are counting on you and your presence on the day of the tour and the garden orientation meeting.
    You should be outgoing and pleasant to talk to.
    Enjoy greeting and talking to the public.
    Please be prepared to be on your feet for extended times while walking through the garden with the visitors.
    On occasion you might also be sitting at a reception table, collecting and verifying visitor tickets.

  4. Q: Are there any benefits to being a volunteer?

    A: Benefits to volunteers include a pre-tour meeting with the owner and private tour of the garden you will be staffing; a guaranteed tour reservation for the half-day you are free; a South Bay Water-Wise Garden Tour Badge; and, perhaps best of all, warm appreciation for helping to educate the general public about the many pleasures and benefits of waterwise gardening. Gardens will be assigned on a first-come basis.

  5. Q: Can I pick the garden and time slot I want to volunteer at?

    A: We will try to accommodate requests early on, but this can not be guaranteed, especially as we get closer to the day of the tour and volunteer slots fill up. Gardens will then be assigned on a first-come basis.

Smoking and food consumption is not allowed in the gardens.

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