Q: Do I need to register and buy my ticket (s) in advance?
Yes.  There are a limited amount of tickets.  So don't wait until the last minute. You
must register to get a tour guide.
Frequently Asked Questions - Tour Visitors:
Q: Can I bring my  children?
Yes.  However, please leave your strollers in the car and do not bring any pets.
Please be respectful of the hosts garden and leave it as you see it: do not pick
anything, move or collect pebbles etc.
Q: Are the gardens wheelchair accessible?
Some of them will be and they will be marked as such on this web site.
Q: What about parking?
Give yourself extra time to find an appropriate parking place.  You may have to
walk a few blocks.  Do not block driveways, or double park and be cautious and
courteous to people walking around your car.  Car pool.  If possible ride a bike.
Q: How many gardens can I see?
As many as you can squeeze in in a day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Plan your
route when you get the addresses 5 days prior to the tour so you will have an
enjoyable day.  This is a self guided tour. The host garden will answer any questions
you have  regarding their garden on the day of the tour.
Q: What about restrooms?
No restrooms will be available at this private home garden tour.  
Q: What about pets?
Pets are not allowed on the tour.
Smoking is not allowed in the gardens.
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