What is a host gardener/garden?
That would be the very generous person, who is the homeowner, who has
volunteered to have their garden listed on this garden tour and is allowing ticket
holders to come visit his/her garden.
What are the requirements to be a host garden/gardener on this tour?
  1. The garden must have an element that reduces water usages such as California
    native plants, draught tolerant plants, dry river beds, stonework, drip irrigation, lawn
  2. The water-wise garden must be attractive and well maintained (show case ready).
  3. The host must be at home and available the day of the garden tour (10 - 5) to
    answer questions and must be available for a preview day for the other host
    gardeners and volunteers held one month in advance.
  4. The host gardener must give a plant list to the tour coordinator.
  5. It is preferred that the host gardener mark the plants with easy to read signs.
  6. The host gardener will provide a small table and chairs and display fliers.
  7. The host gardener will confine pets and agree to not smoke on the day of the
    garden tour.
  8. The more information the host provides, (before and after photos, wildlife
    information, water savings) the more informative the tour will be and the more
    enjoyment everyone will have.
Frequently Asked Questions - Garden Hosts:
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